flower.jpgThere is nothing more impressive than a close up of a child or a flower or other object. In fact, you can get really creative with close ups, but you have to know how to set up your digital camera properly to get a good close up. Here's what you need to know.

flower.jpgOften the autofocus on a digital camera has a tough time locking on the subject when you are trying to shoot a close-up. This results in a blurry photograph. Most digital cameras have a special setting that you should use for close ups. It is called the Macro Mode. This is an unusual name, but a very useful setting. It switches the camera into a special close focus mode that allows you to get a great picture when you want to get close to the subject.
To find the Macro Mode of your camera check out the manual or look for an icon that has a small flower on it. You can remember the icon by remembering that a flower is one of the subjects that you most often want to shoot in the close up Macro Mode.

If you camera doesn't have a Macro Mode, you can set the camera to its highest resolution and lowest compression level and take the shot from farther away, then cop it down to size later using your computer software.

Taking close ups with your digital camera can be very rewarding. And since you don't have to pay for film, you can experiment to your heart's content!