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familyphoto120.jpgYour photographs contains precious memories. You want to print them with care, but you may want to save some money, as well. Here's a tip to help you choose the right photo paper while possibly saving money at the same time.

familyphoto120.jpgTo print photographs that look really good, you will need to purchase special photo paper. The variety of different types and makes of photo papers in your local store can be a bit overwhelming. The best place to start with photo papers is by purchasing the brands and types of paper that your printer manufacturer recommends.

Often the type of ink used in combination with the coating on the recommended papers produces the best quality prints. Once you have printed your first batch of photos on the recommended paper, you can then experiment with less expensive papers. You will have the first batch of prints to use as a comparison.

When purchasing photo paper, remember that most of today's printers can handle precut sheets in sizes like 4 x 6 and 5 x 7. Using precut sheets can save you the trouble of cutting the pictures apart and can often save money in the long run.