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Light_tower.jpgIf you love good photography and want some free desktop wallpaper, check out this website. The photos are amazing.

Light_tower.jpgWallpaper HD.net is a website that has free High Dynamic Range (HDR) wallpapers for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, and PSP.

If you are unfamiliar with HDR, it is simply images that are created by taking multiple pictures of the same subject. They are exposed for the highlights, mid-tones and shadows separately and then merged into a single image. While I am not photographically inclined enough to understand how they do it, I can tell you that the images that are created by this method are extremely vivid and lifelike.

To prevent distortion, you are allowed to download the photos in the resolution to match your monitor. The choices will be in resolutions like 800 x 660, 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024. If you don't know the resolution of your monitor, you can simply right-click on any blank area of the computer desktop, then click on the Settings tab. There under screen resolution you will see the current resolution of your monitor. Download the HDR Wallpaper in that resolution, or the resolution closest to your monitor. The picture will show up on your monitor, then you simply right-click and choose "Set as Desktop Background" and you will get a perfectly-sized photo as your background.

So far my favorites are : "Light tower", a dramatic and colorful photo of Paris, and "Peek-a-boo", a giraffe peaking through some branches in Namibia. Check it out, You are sure to find something you like.