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Is Windows 10 spying on us? I have been asked this question over and over. My answer may surprise you!

Is Windows 10 Spying on Us?

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Windows 10 has many Security and Privacy options that you can quickly and easily change. In fact, you have more control over these options in Windows 10 than you do in most other operating systems. Want to get started? Just follow these simple instructions.


How to Set Windows 10 Privacy & Security Options



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What you don't know about smoke alarms really may kill you. Here are some smoke alarm tips from Kidde, one of the leading manufacturers in this industry. Be sure you read this!


Smoke Alarm Tips



If you love watching movies and television, this October will be a great month for you. Amazon and Apple are both introducing great new streaming devices with spectacular features.


Apple and Amazon Vie for the Best Streaming Device




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