From Drones to Virtual Reality to Internet-connected toothbrushes, there was plenty to see in Vegas and it was pretty easy to spot the trends that will affect us all in the next year.



Technology Trends for 2015




If you are sick of paying for 300 television channels when you only watch five or ten, you will be happy to know that the first step has been taken to changing things. This is poised to bring big changes to the way we view and pay for television.


TV Programming Goes a La Carte





In Las Vegas this year Intel announced a tiny new $149 device that will turn your television into a Windows 8.1 computer. You will want to check this out. It’s coming this year.



Turn your TV into a Computer 




Just announced were some wild yet wonderful new light bulbs. These lights will not only light your room, they will play music. Buy two to get stereo.


Multi-functional LED Light Bulbs







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