With the world going digital, things are changing quickly. We often have to say goodbye to some of the things we grew up with that have simply become obsolete. This is the case with “Kodak” a name that was synonymous with photography.

A recent Reuter’s headline: “Kodak to shutter camera business,” says it all. Kodak, which filed for bankruptcy in January, has decided to stop selling digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames.Instead, they will focus on manufacturing printers and may license the Kodak brand to other camera manufacturers. This is wild news from the company that invented the handheld camera and whose name is synonymous with the word camera. Just as an aside, George Eastman who invented film as well as the handheld camera, called his company Eastman Kodak. There was no one named Kodak. He made up the name by putting his favorite letters together.