bookmark.jpgChange is inevitable, but sometimes it is sad to see a truly traditional item discontinued to make room for the new. This is the case with a 144-year old tradition, the Encyclopedia Britannica.

bookmark.jpgThis year’s edition will be the last for the much-loved reference books that were first introduced in 1768. Encyclopedia Britannica has announced that it will no longer publish its print set of encyclopedias. Many of you will remember the multiple-volume reference books as a leading source of information. You may also remember the experience of reading them as warm and comforting.

Once the current inventory of the books is gone, the 32-volume print edition will be discontinued. Encyclopedia Britannica will, however, live on in digital formats.

If you still want a set of the print edition to grace your bookcase, it can be ordered through the Britannica Store website for $1,395.00, while supplies last. You can also purchase the Online Premium Encyclopedia Britannica for $69.95 for the first year. They currently have a 7-day free trial. However, to sign up for that offer, you will need a credit card.

You can also access the Britannica information though a free app for iPad and/or iPhone. There are also several wonderful iPad and iPhone offerings for children like Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs, Britannica Kids Solar System, and Britannica Kids Volcanoes for $4.99 each.