If you like to have some fun with April Fool’s Day, you might find these jokes about high tech products appealing. Although some seem far-fetched right now, some previous Fool’s Day joke have actually become real products. Here are my top 5 picks for this. Take a look and have a laugh.

         Tea-powered Mini Cooper T

This April Fool’s Day, BMW has released a new vehicle, the Tea-powered Mini Cooper T.  It’s a vehicle powered by a tea-leaf biofuel composite and I love the colors: Chamomile Yellow, Red Bush, and Earl Grey. For pictures and more information, visit the Mini UK’s Facebook page. This may be the most-wished-for product in this round-up.


The I-Ron high tech iron

Today a British gadget retailer called Firebox, brings us a smartphone-controlled intelligent iron called the I-Ron. With this Firebox "exclusive” you can sit on the sofa and iron clothes on the other side of the room. It has a smart material detection to set the iron to the correct temperature and it even has an alarm to tell you when the job is finished.

The I-Ron is controlled by your smartphone. An advanced mode called "Lazy Linen" allows you to trace the path for the I-Ron to follow. This is one of my favorite devices. Sounds like a lot more fun that the way are doing it now!

Check it all out at Firebox.

Domino's edible pizza box

Domino’s April Fool’s joke is an edible box called Edibox. The pizza chain says this isn't just to fill people up but also to solve the old problem of cramming that square box into a round bin.

 Domino edible box

The packaging, Domino's says, "is made using our patented crust technology, the Edibox is perfect for sharing, tearing and dipping." 

Not a really stupid idea.  I know many people who like pizza enough that they would be glad to have an edible box. It could also help by eliminating recycling and garbage.

Cats by Opera

This morning I received an email from the Opera people who have their own web browser. Sounds like the Opera web browser will not be cat-ering to a new variety of users: cats. Here are just a few of the features.

Cats by Opera is based on a concept of removing buttons and other obstacles to an efficient feline-first web. Just as in Coast by Opera, navigation is done almost completely on gestures and buttons are large and easy to interact with.

* Cats by Opera project brings more innovation through the internet cat-flap door:

* TongueTouch®: Interface optimized to respond on the slightest of screen licks, for easy scrolling.

* PawPredict®: Intelligent interpretation of internet adresses and searches as entered by our feline friends, translating adresses such as “34lkr34tottttt4<<<....uuuu” into “www.catnip4u.com” when walking all over the iPad keyboard.

* Catimized Speed Dial: Cats by Opera features easy-to click Speed Dial buttons, an Opera Software invention, with quick access to selected cat content or for easy shortcuts to your cats’ own favorite sites.

The most outrageous April’s Fool joke this year.

Use The Force paint

Online retailer The Fowndry is touting paint that enables users to slap a Wi-Fi boosting antenna on any wall. The name of the paint was obviously inspired Star Wars. It will come in Hoth White and Carbonite. It is guaranteed to boost amy Wi-Fi signal.

Today this is a joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it as a viable product in the near future. ”It may be”, says Yoda.