games/turtlebeachpink.jpg These headphones are specially made for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming device. They can really add to your enjoyment.

games/turtlebeachpink.jpgI've become enamored of the Nintendo DS handheld gaming device. In fact, I got so hooked on the Nintendog game that last Christmas I bought everyone in the family a Nintendo DS Lite and a Nintendog game. The DS offers unique speech and touch interaction, so I was excited to get the Turtle Beach Ear Force D2 headphones that are specifically made for the Nintendo DS Lite.

My pink headphones are a perfect match for my pink Nintendo. The headphones also come in black and white to harmonize with the two other Nintendo DS Lite colors. Even though I knew that the headphones were stereo, I was surprised at the richness of the sounds that I heard coming from the headphones compared to the sounds emitted by the built-in Nintendo speaker.

The specialized plug on the headphones will not let you use them with any other device, but it enables you to use the microphone on the DS through the headphones. Similar to telephone headsets, a small adjustable microphone stem is attached to the headphones. It can be in placed next to the arm of the headphones when not needed.  When you need it to call you dog in Nintendog or interact with other voice and breath activated games like Brain Age or WarioWare you simply pull the microphone down toward your face The microphone stem is bendable so you can adjust it to fit.

The Nintendo DS Lite Earforce D2 Headphonesare light-weight but well built. They would be well-suited for children as well as adults. Although I found them extremely comfortable, I suggest that anyone with a very large head should try them on for size before they buy. The headphones also include a useful volume control knob. Unfortunately these headphones are not foldable.  I would like to see them fold down or at least let the ear pads rest flat for storage. Although not huge, the headphones when not in use, will take up as much room as the Nintendo itself.

If you or your children or grandchildren play with the DS a lot, these headphones will be a hit, since they allow you to interact with all your games quietly. In fact, you might enjoy them just as much for privacy as for the sound quality. I know I'll be happy to use them in the airport where I sometimes get stares when I talk to my Nintendog, calling "Katie, come here", "Sit, Katie, sit". If you don't mind carrying them around, these Ear Force D2's can definitely enhance your gaming experience on the DS Lite.

Date of Review: 8-01-2007
Manufacturer: Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.
Retail: $19.99