musicword.jpgKeeping up with technology can be a daunting task. But if you love music, the new technologies can be very enticing. In this short article, I take a little walk down memory lane and tell you about some new changes for music.

musicword.jpgSome of you may remember listening to 45 RMP records in a music booth at the local music store. That's when you could purchase a record with just the song you liked. You would get another song by the same artist on the flip side of the record. It was still cheaper than purchasing the whole LP and sometimes the song on flip side turned out to be as popular as the main song.

If you are not quite old enough to remember that, perhaps you remember the huge music stores where you could peruse thousands of CDs. You could roam up and down the long aisles and listen to a CD on headphones that were set up as listening stations. To get one song, you had to purchase the entire CD.

Times have certainly changed. Not a trace of those old stores remain. Now, if you want to buy music, you go to your computer, tablet PC, or smart phone and surf over to Amazon, iTunes, or Wal-Mart. Once there, you can listen to a sample of the music and purchase it with a simple click of the mouse. You no longer have to purchase a whole album to get one song. You no longer have to get in the car and go over to the music store. Everything can be done from your home or your current location.

For a few years the music industry made purchasing music online more difficult by insisting on encrypting the music. Thankfully, all of that has changed. You can now purchase MP3's online without any encryption so you can play them on any device you own.

While the removal of encryption was by far the best news ever for music lovers, this week's announcement by Amazon is a close second. Amazon has slashed the price of many popular songs to $0.69. Apple's iTunes store is currently selling the same songs for $1.29.

Don't you just love good old American competition? The Apple iTunes store commands about 70% of the digital music market. When Amazon, a smaller player in that market, lowers prices either they gain customers, force the competition to meet their price, or both.

Prices are going down. You can buy just one song at a time. You can listen on your PC or any digital music player. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start humming with the world of digital music.