musicalnotes.jpgIf you love to listen to musicthen you might want to investigate this. Free MP3 tracks with no copy protection. And they can go automatically into iTunes or Windows Media Player, so you can listen to them on your computer or your iPod or any other digital music player.

musicalnotes.jpgEvery week Amazon offers free music . They also have free albums.

Check out the current free listings at the Amazon MP3 website. You may have to look around to find the freebies. They are often mixed in with the paid offerings. Although some of the free tracks are new artists who are looking to get their break, there are also offerings from famous musicians. And it's not all hard rock and heavy metal. I just downloaded a free jazz Verve Vault sampler that included songs from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughn and Dinah Washington. Other free offerings included everything from a Celtic Sampler to Turkish music .

You can preview each song to see if you like it. You must have an Amazon account to download the free songs and you must download the free Amazon downloader. The downloader will automatically put the songs into your iTunes or Windows Media library and it works quite well. So don't be afraid to try it!

Try the links below to get directly to the free music . Please note, however, that Amazon often changes its website. So if the links below don't work, just click over to and search MP3 Downloads, then sort the music by lowest price first.

Current Links:

Amazon Free Albums

Amazon Free Songs