entertainment/verbatimvinylcd.jpgTake a high tech product and combine it with a retro look and feel. The result is a device that gives you a tie to the past as well as a path to the future.

Enter Verbatim’s new recordable CDs.   Called Digital Vinyl CD-Rs, these are CD discs that look just like old vinyl 45-rpm records, including the grooves. These unique color-coded discs can be used for burning music on your computer. Unlike the 45s of old, these discs can hold up to eighty minutes of music.

In my testing the discs performed flawlessly. They are compatible for music recording at speeds of 16x, 12x, 8x, 4x, and 1x. The CDs have a double layer of ant-scratch coating. They also use Verbatim’s patented Super Azo technology which adds extra protection against UV sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.   This is all proposed to add longevity to the discs. While I could not test the longevity, Verbatim backs   the Digital Vinyl CDs with a lifetime warranty.

While the discs are color-coded to represent different types of music, I would like to see a place that I could label the exact contents rather than having to put that information on the jewel case. Other than that, I loved the idea, the look, and the quality.

This is one combination of the new and the old that must definitely be referred to as “groovy”.

Manufacturer: Verbatim

Street Price: 25-pack $24.95