musicalnotes.jpgMore and more people are tuning into digital music every day. Any why not? It's fun to play digital music on your computer and your digital music player. When you are ready, you may want to do more with digital music and your computer's audio capabilities. Why not eliminate noise from a recording, mix sounds together, play with the speed and pitch? Working with audio can be fun and this program will let you do it in style at no cost.

Audacity is a full-fledged program that can be used to edit, cut, copy, and change digital music and audio files. With it you can:

• Record live audio
• Import and export sound files
• Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs
• Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files
• Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together
• Change the speed or pitch of a recording
• Fade the volume up or down
• Add effects like echo and wahwah

Audacity is open source software, a part of the GNU General Public License. This means that it is FREE. No trials. No asking for $$ for upgrades or for continued use. It is a full-fledged audio editor meaning that you will be amazed at all it can do if you take the time to investigate all its functionality. Audacity runs on all versions of Windows, on Mac OS X, and on Linux/Unix.

Get Audacity

When you download Audacity, you will have the choice of the stable, standard version or the Beta version. The Beta version is still in testing, so most of you will want to download the stable version.