dollarsignsThere is about $58 billion dollars in unclaimed money waiting for someone to claim it. Maybe some of it is for you.  

Need some extra cash? Check out NAUPA. This is the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administration.  Perhaps you or a loved one left a few dollars in a bank account, or forgot to claim a utility deposit. That forgotten money may be waiting for you to claim it!!

Unclaimed money comes from many different areas. There are insurance payments, uncashed dividend checks, stocks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders, and even the contents of safe deposit boxes. By law such unclaimed money must be turned over to the state. State records are made public on the NAUPA website.

Just surf over there and check out your current state and any other states where you have resided. If you are lucky enough to find some $$$, you will have to fill out a claim form and may have to prove your identity and show that you lived at a certain address.


NOTE: There are many unclaimed money scams out there. So be careful to stay on this website and not wonder off to others who may not be real.