hdmicable.jpgGetting a new Hi-Def television or Blu-ray DVD players? You may be shocked to find that the cable needed to hook up your new equipment, called an HDMI cable, can cost from $50 to $100 and usually isn't included with your purchase. Here's a tip that can save you money when hooking up that new equipment.

hdmicable.jpgWhen we were dealing with analog television and other analog video and audio devices, the quality of the cables was important. The analog signal often degraded with distance and interference. So a good cable could sometimes get the signal a little clearer or get it to travel just a little farther.

With digital, however, everything is different. The digital signal doesn't degrade. It is a simple on or off proposition. Either you are able to get the signal or not. So the quality of the cables is much less important.

Many video stores carry only the more expensive cables because they have a bigger margin. So check out some smaller stores and/or online resources. There is no need to buy an expensive HDMI cable, if you can get a cheaper one.

There is only one caveat to this. Most HDMI cables work up to about 6'. If you need a cable that spans a longer distance, you may have to ante-up for a more expensive cable.