If you purchase a new Windows 8 computer, you will no longer need an anti-virus program. Some Windows 8 computers come with a trial version of an anti-virus programs like Norton or McAfee, but you don't need it. Here's the scoop.

Windows 8 comes with a program called Windows Defender. This program incorporates Microsoft’s Security Essential anti-virus program and beefs it up with additional anti-malware protection. This added security is included in Windows 8.

Basically, since anti-virus protection is included, you don’t have to purchase an anti-virus program for your Windows 8 computer. You will find, however, that many Windows 8 computers come with trial versions of additional anti-virus programs like Symantec or McAfee. This is because the computer manufacturers have made deals with the anti-virus manufacturers to help them sell their products. You don’t need an additional anti-virus program. Microsoft Defender is a very good anti-virus program and it is totally free, including the updates. So you can save a few dollars if you stick with it.

Just as a word of precaution, when they install another anti-virus program like Norton or McAfee, they turn off Windows Defender. So if your computer came with a third party anti-virus program like McAfee or Symantec, to get back to the free Microsoft protection you will have to uninstall that program and turn Windows Defender back on.