Windows 10 has many Security and Privacy options that you can quickly and easily change. In fact, you have more control over these options in Windows 10 than you do in most other operating systems. Want to get started? Just follow these simple instructions.

Once Windows 10 is up and running, you can still set many of the Security and Privacy options. Just click on Start and go to the Settings, then click on the Privacy control panel icon.

You will see a long list of options and you can turn each of these off if you like.

In the Privacy area you can even quickly turn off the camera, microphone, and location information. And you can stop sending some information to Microsoft. Click on “Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info” and you will get more information on how that works and also get the ability to turn off targeted ads.

Actually Windows 10 gives you more control of the privacy options than most other operating systems. As far as privacy goes, Windows 10 is no better or worse than many of the other operating systems that you use on your other connected devices. Yet, if you use Windows 10, you should check out the Privacy and Security options.