paperairplane.jpgRemember when you could be happy playing with paper dolls or paper airplanes? Well now you can give your children or grandchildren the same simple adventure. The Internet is filled with instructions for paper crafting and it is all free.

paperairplane.jpgCheck out these great websites for free templates and instructions. In many cases, you can just print, cut, and fold. In others you can use a photocopier to increase the size before you create your great new paper design.

Microsoft Paper Folding Projects:
Microsoft has plenty of free templates. From fancy gift boxes to paper dolls and airplanes....most of these can be made with Microsoft Word.

10 Paper Airplanes - Just print and fold

PaperToys - some of these are quite complex, but all can be fun!

Mirkwood Designs Templates - These come with complete instructions for cards, boxes, envelopes, and more.

This is just a taste of websites to get you started. Paper crafters have built complete villages, motorcycles, and much, much more. Check out 100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys for examples of some nifty projects.

Or perhaps, like me, you will be happy entertaining the kids with paper dolls and paper airplanes!