hpcrafts.jpgIf you like to use your computer to create greeting cards, calendars, photo frames, or craft projects, these free templates, instructions, and ideas are sure to please! They are easy and they are fun!

hpcrafts.jpgThe HP Creative Studio website is filled with creative projects for home and business. You can grab free templates for customizable greeting cards, calendars, recipe cards, stationary, party kits, and a wide variety of craft projects. Whether you need an idea for a project or you have a specific project in mind, you will find it here.
The variety is mind-boggling. You can print daily crossword and Sudoku puzzles, frame the kid's art work, and make announcements, greeting cards, and invitations. Some of the links go to project like photo stamps and photo books that you have to pay for, but most are free.

They even have ideas from Martha Stewart and Disney. Martha will help you make a coat for your dog and Disney has calendars, games, play-sets, greeting cards, and more.

HP also has a small program that you can download called "HP Daily Surprise". This will give you a free craft project every day. It will install an icon on your desktop that you can click to see the new project every day. Projects from previous days are also viewable, so you can pick and choose what you might want to work on.

HP Creative Studio

HP Daily Surprise