calendar.jpgPerhaps you want to write your tasks or appointments on a paper calendar. Seems like there are plenty of free calendars at the beginning of the year, but when you reach mid-year, they are harder to find. So check out this calendar site that lets you print calendars in in many different formats for free.

calendar.jpgAt Calendarlabs you can print free blank calendars in many different formats. You can print yearly or monthly calendars by just using your browser. You can also customize your calendar by adding holidays or pictures. This website has a great collection of free printable calendars.


Calendarlabs has just about everything you need and it all free. However, I found that the one thing they don't have is weekly calendars. If you want to print free weekly calendars, try the free collection at Calendars that These calendars print through Microsoft Word and not all are free, but if you have Word and need a weekly calendar, this site will do it.

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