Aging in Place - A Primer

home.jpgHome is where the heart is! Millions of Americans are struggling to stay in their homes in spite of the economic downturn and mortgages that are difficult to pay. Millions of other Americans are trying to stay in their own homes rather than moving to a care facility as they age. The new buzz word is "Aging in Place". It simply means staying in the home where you have lived or want to live rather than living in a healthcare or continuing care environment.

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Caregivers - You Deserve a Break Today

If you are a full-time or even a part-time caregiver, you are facing many challenges, but the biggest one may be in taking care of yourself. Many caring people who are faced with others who need their constant help and assistance forget about themselves. It's easy to do - but you can't afford to let it happen to you or to someone you know!

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gadgets/telemergency.jpgEmergencies do not discriminate – neither children, senior citizens, or just regular folks are spared. But emergencies seem especially hard on those who are more vulnerable - the single person, the elderly, and the invalid. Telemergency was designed to give both comfort and assistance, especially to this group. Whether an accident, a medical problem, or an intrusion like a burglary, Telemergency lets those in need call for help even when they cannot dial the phone.

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Accessibility Options



Since computers are such empowering devices, both Microsoft and Apple have made a commitment to create products that allow computers to be accessible to everyone. They have both gone beyond the requirements of the U.S. federal government’s accessibility statute to offer help to those with disabilities.

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Elder Care Help

olders walking.jpg

Have you become a full-time or part-time care giver? It often happens quickly. A relative or friend needs eldercare and you are suddenly thrust into trying to help. As your mind is swirling with a million questions, the Internet steps up with the answers.

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