Sudoku Nintendo DSThe Sudoku games in the Nintendo Brain Age game were so popular that Nintendo has already released a new title, Sudoku Gridmaster that focuses on only on sudoku.  If you haven’t heard of sudoku yet, you are really out of the loop, because sudoku is currently one of the most popular puzzle games in the world. While it looks like a crossword puzzle, sudoku is a number crunching game

The Nintendo DS with its touch-screen makes this game more fun to play than the paper and pencil version. Also, the Nintendo unit lets you highlight the area of the puzzle you are working on which is a big help, especially for a beginner.  Sudoku Gridmaster has more than 400 puzzles all of which were selected by the original creators of sudoku. There are four levels of difficulty: practice, easy, normal, and hard. The practice puzzles tell you when you make a mistake, again very useful for those new to sudoku.

While I like jigsaw puzzles, I have never gotten hooked on crossword puzzles, so I didn’t think I would like sudoku, but I was wrong. I was immediately addicted. It really makes you think.

Both Sudoku and the Brain Age games are like treadmills for the mind. Games like this aren’t just for kids. They are for everyone who wants to sharpen their mental abilities. So get out there and give them a try!

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Street Price: $19.95