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fun.jpgYou have probably heard of Angry Birds. It's one of the most popular games played on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. You must pay to play Angry Birds on most of these devices, but now you can play it on your PC for free. You really must try out this game, even if it is only to see what everyone else is so excited about.

fun.jpgAngry Birds is a very popular game on portable smartphones and tablets. Now it has come to the PC and it's free!

To explain, Angry Birds is a weird little game, but it is both clever and addictive. In the game, a bunch of clever pigs have stolen the bird's eggs making them very, very mad. Your job is to hurl the bird at the unusual fortresses that the pigs have created. You do this with a sling-shot like device on the screen.

Although it may sound easy, it is not.  You have to figure out how to break through the pig's fortresses, which are very cleverly designed. As you play the game you realize all the things that your birds can do. Just a quick hint - the blue and yellow birds have special abilities.

The graphic are stunning and the game is fun. The only drawback is that you have to install the Google Chrome browser to play the game.

The browser is free and it is easy to install. Just go to the Google Chrome website to install the Chrome browser, then go to the Chrome web store to install the game.

Have fun!!