software/kirbyairride.jpgKirby Air Ride can be summed up in one word….fun. It’s three games in one and each one is more exciting than the next. First there is Kirby Air Ride. In this section of the game you can choose from 10 different arenas to race a real opponent or a computerized opponent.

You will find yourself sliding down icy mountains, flying through beanstalks or riding over molten lava. The next section of the game is called city trial. Here you ride around a cityscape trying to gather “goodies” to give Kirby more power. Watch out though, the “goodies” that appear as gray will take away from his power. The third part takes you through smaller courses filled with enemies and opponents. This one is not as exciting as the other two because you are just going in circles.

One of the greatest features of this game is that it is very easy to use. You only need to work two buttons on the game controller. You need to use the directional button on the left side to guide yourself along and the green A button, on the right side. This button allows you to do a couple of things. If you press the green A button Kirby can do one of two things. If you are riding along by yourself, a press of this button will give Kirby a power boost. If you are riding close to an enemy and press, Kirby will swallow the enemy and take on its powers for a few moments.

It is so simple to maneuver Kirby through his different arenas that my three-year-old son loves to play this game. He can move Kirby through all the tracks and he can even beat me in some of the races. So, it’s simple enough for a child yet fun for an adult as well. If you have not played this game yet, I would highly recommend it. It’s fun for the whole family.