entertainment/brainage.jpg With the aging of the baby boomers comes a renewed interest in youth-oriented products like wrinkle creams, hair-restoration lotions, and fad diets. While boomers seek out these “look-better” solutions, they are also quickly realizing that keeping their brains in tip-top condition is just as, if not more, important than keeping their bodies in good shape. Smart manufacturers like Nintendo are giving boomers the tools they need to do just that.

A few month’s ago when the PR person for Ninendo contacted me about a game they were targeting at the over 35 crowd, she thought I would be surprised since up to this point all the major game manufacturer’s have focused only on the teeny-boopers and twenty-somethings. Instead, my “What took you so long?” response took her by surprise.

The game is called Brain Age. It is played on the portable, handheld Nintendo DS game system. Nintendo released the game in Japan where it became wildly popular and now it is available in the U. S.

This game actually is nothing like a traditional video game. There are no guns or fast moving targets. Instead the game is a series of quick mental exercises that were devised by a neurologist. Brain Age takes advantage of the Nintendo DS touch screen and built-in microphone, so it is very easy to play.  Although there is reading, writing, logic, memory, analysis, and math, the exercises are not boring. In fact, they are very fast-paced.

When you finish the first short series of mental challenges, your “Brain Age” is given. I haven’t found anyone whose first brain age score wasn’t older than they wanted it to be. Yet, with daily use of the game, your brain age will improve. That fact alone makes it addictive. You want to play everyday just to improve your brain age. After several months use, I am still trying to master the game that shows you the name of a color written in a different color. You are to say the color of the word rather than the word itself which is the name of a different color. It may sound easy, but it is really quite tricky.

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Street Price: $19.95 


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