There are a million different games that you can play on the Internet. Today I bring you an unusual set of games with no rules and practically no input needed. Just the opposite of those tense shoot-em-up games.

The game, if you can call it that, is named Happiness Islands. It is a set of mini-websites that offer you some interesting animations. They are meant to be relaxing rather than stressful. Most of all they are interesting.

The Happiness Islands were created by Coca Cola, so you will find a Coke bottle in each mini-site. If nothing else, this is an interesting way to see a little creativity.

When you get to the Islands, hover your mouse over each island to get the name of the island and a hint as to what is in store when you click on the island. Two to try out are NoMoving, which will use your webcam to make sure you stay still and relax, and Underwater Dance Party, which is just plain cute.