My husband loves to play the Daily Jumble game in the newspaper, but, unfortunately we don't subscribe to a newspaper that has that game. He was missing his jumble until we found this free online version. Now, he is now a happy camper. If you love the Jumble, you'll love this.

Word Scramble games are not only fun, but they will give your brain a good workout. At UClick Games you can find the old Daily Jumble game just like it appears in the newspapers. This version has some addition perks including colorization, hints, and a timer.

If you really like to use a pencil and paper, you can even print out the Jumble. This website has many other Jumble games, as well. Check out the Jumble Crosswords, the Jumble Word Vault, Jumble Solitaire, and Jumble Kids for more fun for everyone.

Link: UClick Games