lipstick mouse.jpgThe trackpads that come on laptop computer can be difficult to get used to. So if you don't like using the trackpad, just use a mouse instead. There are several choices. Here's what you need to know.

lipstick mouse.jpgIt's easy to add a mouse to your laptop computer. As long as you purchase a USB mouse, you will be able to simply plug it in and go.

You will, however, have several choices.

1. You can use a regular-sized mouse. Just be sure that you purchase an optical or laser mouse which will be easier to use if you are on an uneven surface.

2. You can purchase a special laptop mouse. These are smaller than a regular mouse and come in several different shapes and sizes.

3. You can purchase a wireless mouse. These usually come with an adapter that will be plugged into the USB port of the computer, but the mouse itself will be completely wireless.

BTW, even if you have a mouse attached, the touchpad will still work, so you can use whichever one happens to be more convenient.