It seems that as we travel down the high-tech highway, we accumulate more and more devices to carry around. First there were laptop computers, cell phones, and PDAs, then came digital cameras, GPS (Global Positioning System) devices, and MP3 music players. Maybe someday we will be able to combine the functionality of these devices into one or two pieces of equipment.

In the mean time,

ScotteVest has the answer with their technology-enabled clothing®. ScotteVest makes jackets, cargo pants, and even neckties with hidden pockets. The jacket that I tested had 42 hidden pockets. Every pocket has a Velcro or zipper closure make the stored items very secure. There are even PIPs (Pocket-in-Pockets) that can be used to secure small items. The well designed layout includes an id holder, a large pocket for magazines and file folders, secret pockets, ear bud pockets, a divided pocket that kept a bottle of water away from the other items, special security pockets and a pocket on the back large enough for a laptop computer.

Although this technology-enabled vest was created for the high tech junkie, it will also be very useful for the average person on the street. The applications for this type of jacket are endless. If you hike and love the outdoors, the pockets will surely come in handy. You could tote your files without a briefcase. If you wanted to have your medication and water constantly available, you could keep a camel pack of water in the large rear pocket and run a drinking tube up toward the neck. It is also perfect for air travel. Load all of your traveling paraphernalia into the pockets and put the jacket on the conveyer belt at the security checkpoint. Since you wear the jacket it doesn’t count against your carry-on limit, a boon for frequent flyers who would rather not check baggage.

High-tech gurus will find that the jacket also comes with a patented Personal Area Network (PAN) system, a series of conduits and holes through the jacket that allow you to connect your devices. The jacket that I tried even had detachable solar panels on the back so you could recharge your USB devices on the go. It worked well when the sun was shining.

Because the jacket is so well designed and the weight of your devices can be evenly distributed, everything lies flat so you don’t look like a pack horse. I loved the mesh lining. If you have a “senior moment” and forget which pocket you put something in, you can simply open the jacket and look through the mesh to find what you are looking for. The Coolmax lining also allows your body to breath. The jacket comes in various fabrics, some heavier than others. I loved the fleece jacket. Being able to remove the sleeves made it useful for most moderate weather situations. The jackets range in price from $99 to $450 for the leather version. The optional solar panels are $225.

The ScotteVest jacket looks like a regular jacket but has plenty of hidden power…..a great blend of style and utility.

NOTE: If you want to see a good commercial, look at the SCOTTeVest spoof of the Apple iPod commercial.

Starting at $99