computer/marblemouse.gifEvery computer comes with a standard-type of mouse. Yet, the ordinary mouse may not be right for everyone. People with physical dexterity problems, extremely large or small hands, or wrist difficulties, may have difficulty using a regular mouse. That’s when the Logitech Marble Mouse can make a big difference.

The Marble Mouse doesn’t look like the average mouse, but it functions in a similar manner. The sleek silver and gray Marble Mouse has an elongated shape and is topped with a large red ball. You place your hand on top of the ball and use your fingers or hand to rotate the ball to move the cursor on the screen. There are two large buttons on the sides of the Marble Mouse that act like right and left mouse buttons. When you press both buttons at the some time, the ball can be used to scroll up and down pages. Two smaller buttons, next to the large buttons function, are your page up and page down buttons. While some mice favor right-handed people, the Marble Mouse can easily be used with either hand.

The Marble Mouse uses an optical technology for smooth and precise performance.  It works with Windows 95 or newer computers, and it also works on Macintosh computers that are using Mac OS 8.6 or better. The included software can be used to customize the mouse buttons by assigning them a variety of different functions. It can be hooked up by the usual PS/2 mouse port or by a USB connection. The three-year warranty attests to the durability of the product.

Since the Marble Mouse requires less hand and wrist action than the average mouse many people with carpal tunnel syndrome use it to reduce the stress on their wrists. I used the Marble Mouse for about month. Although it takes a little getting used to, I can attest to the fact that it is a very comfortable mousing solution.

If you have trouble using a standard mouse, the Logitech Marble Mouse may be right for you.




Manufacturer:  Logitech

Price:  $19.99