gadgets/quillmouse.jpgIf your hands are not as nimble or quick as they used to be, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to affect the fun you are having with your computer. Although a bit unusual in style and structure, Quill AirO2bic (Aerobic) mouse can be helpful in many situations.

The Quill AirO2bic (Aerobic) mouse has a funny name, and it looks pretty weird.... like a miniature mountain of plastic. Just looking at it, you would probably never guess that it is a mouse. It is made of sturdy black or white plastic molded into a shape that allows you to rest your hand vertically into the base. With your hand in this “hand-shake” position your fingers rest on the large mound in the mouse allowing your fingers to easily reach the two buttons and mouse wheel. To move the cursor on the screen you move the entire mouse just as you do with a standard mouse. You don’t have to grip the mouse in anyway. You simply rest your hand on the mouse. When you move your hand the mouse moves with it. At first this seems a little awkward since the mouse is so large, yet it glides easily on the desktop and after a few uses seems quite natural. An optical sensor ensures the mouse’s accuracy.

This mouse installs quickly and easily through the USB port on any computer. You don’t have to install any software. In fact, you can purchase the mouse without software. If however, you purchase the package that includes the software you will get some surprising additional functionality. The software, called “clickless software” allows you to use the mouse without even having to press the buttons. Just position the cursor over a clickable part of the screen and the software gives you a visual indication that a click is about to take place. If you want to click you keep the cursor there, otherwise you move it to another area of the screen. The included gesture technology lets you change the type of click to double-click or right-click with a simple move of the mouse. Although it sounds complicated, it is pretty easy to get used to these techniques. The software is completely customizable and even has built-in time to remind you to take breaks from your computing.

This Aerobic Mouse with its clickless software is a boon for those with physical dexterity problems. In fact, this mouse has been commended for ease of use by the Arthritis Foundation, and is the only mousing system to meet the US Government Section 508 requirements for Accessible Technology. 

Because of its structure, you will need to purchase either a left or right-handed version. It is available in black or white. The mouse can be purchase either with or without the click-less software. The software, which is said to work with most input devices, can be purchased separately.

Manufacturer:  Designner Appliances, Inc.

Retail Price: $99 for mouse, $149 with clickless software 

Date of Review: 04-11-2007