Photo Fun

Printing Photographs

hardware/printerwithoutput.gifAny printer can be used to print photos. Thermal dye printers produce the best quality, but because of their high cost, most home users will print their pictures on the more affordable ink jet printers.

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Photo Formats Explained

photo/filmstrip.jpgIf you send or receive pictures by e-mail or have a digital camera, you’ve heard about various picture file formats like TIFF, JPEG, and GIF. Each of these formats is very different, so let’s delve into the properties of each so you can better work with and display your photographs.

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Digital Photo Work

hardware/printerwithoutput.gifThere’s no doubt that digital photography has caught on. The quality of digital cameras has improved while prices have plummeted. These no-film wonders allow amateur photographers to shoot as many photos as they like with no additional film processing fees.

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