Photo Fun

Printing Photos


familyphoto120.jpgYour photographs contains precious memories. You want to print them with care, but you may want to save some money, as well. Here's a tip to help you choose the right photo paper while possibly saving money at the same time.

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New Age of Digital Cameras

finepixblue.jpgThe world of digital photography is changing rapidly. If you are asking yourself if this a good time to buy a digital camera, this article will answer your questions as well as tell you what to look for in a digital camera.

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Save Pictures Quickly

To save a picture from a Web page or document, just right-clickthe image and select "SavePicture (Image) As..." Choose a place to save the picture and a name and it will be available on your hard drive whenever you need it.   You can also turn any picture into your desktop wallpaper by choosing "Set as (desktop) background" after you right-click on the picture.

Photoshop Express FREE

photoshopexpress.jpgThe Adobe Photoshop program is revered as the best photo editing program on the market today. Now, amazingly, you can get some of its best features for FREE!!

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Screen Savers -Just for Fun

On a recent visit to a large company, I walked through a room filled with employees working on computers. Each computer looked the same - beige box, large monitor, screens filled with text and numbers. Later that day, I walked through the same room when most of the workers were in a meeting. Now the unattended computer screens looked very different. Each monitor displayed a unique screen saver that made the computers sparkle with personality. One screen was filled with bouncing dancing babies, one proudly exhibited pictures of loved ones, another displayed a serene beach scene, and one used a scrolling marquee to declare that Darin was  "Out to Lunch".

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Minority Report

When I was young, I loved reading science fiction. Now, years later, it is fun to see which of the author’s imaginative predictions have actually become reality. I still enjoy dreaming about the future so I couldn’t wait to see Steven Spielberg’s new movie, Minority Report. Set in Washington, D.C. in 2054, this fast-paced film focuses on the police department’s Precrime Unit. This police unit, with the help of three talented psychics, prevents acts of murder before they occur.

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