Bose Wave PC

entertainment/bosecomp3.jpgYou may know Bose as the “sound people.” Their audio systems have enhanced the enjoyment of millions of music lovers over the last thirty years. The outstanding sound quality of their small footprint Acoustic Wave radio has achieved global acclaim.

Now Bose enters the computer world with a Wave radio that attaches to a computer. This concept may seem unusual, but in reality it is a highly useful product. In fact, with this product, Bose has hit a home run in two important areas, functionality and ease of use.

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Creating Music CDs

entertainment/itunes.gifJust a few short years ago, the only noise that a computer made was a series of beeps. Times change quickly in the world of technology. Today’s computers are capable of making beautiful music. Whether you like Tony Bennett or the Smashing Pumpkins, working with music on a computer can be an exciting endeavor.

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Arkon Cordless Headphone System

entertainment/arkoncordless.jpgSound is a marvelous thing. We listen to music, hear the audio of a television program, and pick up a variety of sounds on the computer. For the most part, we enjoy it all, yet the intensity of the sound can vary for different individuals. Those who are slightly hard of hearing do not hear enough. Those who surround these people often hear too much as the hearing impaired person cranks up the volume. Then there are the kids who like everything loud while mom and dad prefer a little peace and quiet.

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Creative Labs Muvo

entertainment/creativemuvo.jpgThe Muvo, at just under one ounce, this small (2.87” x 1.28” x .63”) device is a power player. It is a combination MP3 music player and a portable hard drive – a great combination for the many computer users who love music. This well-designed gadget looks like a cigarette lighter, but is much more functional. The miniscule 128 MB MuVo can hold two hours of MP3 music or over 88 floppies of data.

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entertainment/digisette.jpgLove to listen to music or audio books while you drive? Like to get into the digital music scene, but find yourself tied to that old cassette technology in your car? The new Digisette Duo-DX may be the answer to your prayers. Digisette is an MP3 digital music player, but it is shaped like and looks like an old-fashioned audio cassette. Combining the old with the new, this cleverly designed device also works like a cassette tape. Put it in your car, or any cassette player, and you can listen to the music or audio books you just downloaded from your computer.

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