Microsoft Zune Review

Although the iPod is the most popular digital music player, there are other options. In fact, If you are a real music lover, you will definately want to look at the Microsoft Zune. It's a great portable player and its software, inexpensive subscription service, and Zune comminity may open a whole new world of music to you.

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Do MP3s Really Sound Good?

manheadphones.jpgBy now, every American has heard of MP3s and MP3 players. In fact the term MP3 has become synonymous with digital music so that all digital music players are referred to as MP3 players. The truth, however, is that not all digital music can honestly be called MP3. And not all digital music sounds good.

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An Internet-Connected Piano

If you love piano music, this piano will play channels from the Internet which will provide you with music all day long. Other high tech tricks include Karaoke, an alarm clock, a piano teacher, and much much more. Read David Pogue's review. (I wonder I can get them to send me one to review? This baby grand is over 5' long and $42,000). 

A Grand (i.e., Cool) Piano

April 17, 2008......................The New York Times

DRM-Free Music is the Way to Go

musicalnotes.jpgDon't stand for digital music that you can't copy or keep. There are now many places where you can purchase digital music without any restrictions. The more we purchase this music, the faster the record labels will get rid of all their copy protection ploys!


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