Along with iOS 7 and new iPhones, Apple released a new service called iTunes radio. It is not really new technology, but it is pretty cool.... and it's free.

Just start iTunes on your computer and choose Radio or tap the Music icon on your mobile device and choose Radio from the bottom of the screen and you will be ready to listen to constant music.

iTunes radio works similarly to Pandora and other music services. You choose a song or a type of music or an artist and iTunes Radio will create a station for you with similar music. If you use iTunes to store your music, it is extremely easy to do. I chose a song called "Lady" from my Little River Band album. iTunes radio then presented me with similar songs from other artists.

It was unbelievably accurate. You could hear the similarities in the music it chose. And, of course, you can purchase any song or album you like. It's a great way to find new music and new artists.

The service is free with limited commercials. It you subscribe to iTunes Match for $24.99 a year, there are no commercials and all of your music is copied to the Apple Cloud for playback from any device.