spedometer.jpgAre you getting the speed that you are paying for? It is difficult to tell while you are surfing the Web. However, this free speed test will tell you exactly what speed you are getting.

Even when you are using a broadband Internet connection, there are times when the Internet seems really slow. That’s when you ask yourself if it is your computer, the Internet, or your Internet connection. This free service will check the speed of your internet connection and answer some of your nagging speed questions.

Just surf over to the  Free Internet Speed Test, and click on "Begin Test." The website will automatically check the speed of your connection and show you the results. You will get two results: the upload speed and the download speed. The upload speed will generally be the slower of the two. In fact, it may be much slower. That’s okay. Generally, for everyday surfing you should be more interested in the download speed.

Check with your ISP and see what kind of downloads speeds you should be getting with the broadband package that you subscribe to. If the speed you are getting is consistently lower than what you should be getting, you have a legitimate gripe with your ISP.

Be sure you look around the Speed Test website, which gives you information on the speeds that others are getting and let’s you compare your results with others.