pumpkin.jpgMore and more of us are having fun with music on the computer. Well, why not have fun with sounds as well. Today I'll tell you about a web site where you can get hundreds of thousands of free sound effects. From the witch's bubbling cauldron to the squeaking doors, and howling ghosts. It's perfect for Halloween.

microphone.gifFrom a creaking door to a bubbling cauldron, this website provides thousands of free sound effects. Use them to have a little fun with your computer.

At Soundsnap.com you can find almost any type of royalty-free sound samples. Royalty-free means that you can use these sounds any way you want.

Soundsnap has everything from alarm clocks to sleigh bells. The site is well-designed and easy to use. You can download five free sounds a month. The only information that you need to give is your email address. The sounds can be previewed and can be downloaded as MP3's or WAV files.

If you really get into the swing of things you can even record your own sounds and upload them to the website for others to use. Or, perhaps you would just like to visit the site and listen to the myriad of sounds.