Vibe Hearing AidWearing a hearing aid has been anathma to some because they seemed to screem "Old Age". But times are changing. These new hearing aids from Siemens want to make you wear one as a fashion accessory. If you have trouble hearing, CHECK THIS OUT!

Eyeglasses have long been considered a fashion accessory, but until recently hearing aids were something to hide. Now, a new hearing device allows users to join the growing trend.

Traditionally, hearing aids have been hidden behind the ear or made in flesh-colored tones. But, the latest devices are an expression of personality. The "Vibe," a mini hearing aid worn outside the ear, can be used as fashion accessory. It comes in a wide range of plastic covers -- allowing its look to be changed each day to match the wearer's style.


Other benefits include the latest in advanced signal processing and amplification technologies. It can also be worn with a cycling helmet and doesn't interfere with wearing glasses -- or get caught in your hair.

Courtesy: Media Link