easytabbattery.jpgMore than 46 million people in the U. S. have benn diagnosed with arthritis. Those who also suffer from hearing loss will love the Duracell EasyTab hearing aid batteries.

easytabbattery.jpg More than 46 million people -- one in five adults -- in the United States report having a form of doctor-diagnoxed arthritis. Many of these adults also suffer from hearing loss and face dexterity challenges when changing their hearing aid battery. It is difficult for people with arthritis to change the tiny batteries in their hearing aids.

The Duracell® EasyTab battery pack offers a wonderful answer to that problem. The tab is the longest of any hearing aid battery on the market today. So it is easier to remove from the packaging and insert in the hearing aid. The battery sizes are color-coded, so it is also easier to purchase the correct battery.

The Arthritis Foundation®, a non-profit organization committed to the health and well being of those with arthritis, has recognized the Duracell EasyTab® hearing aid battery with the Foundation's first-ever hearing aid battery commendation for ease-of-use.The official commendation seal, which identifies products that make living with arthritis simpler, can be seen on Duracell EasyTab packaging.

My testing with a group of hearing aid wearers with dexterity problems gave the EasyTab high marks. Even if you don't have dexterity problems, the tabs make the batteries easier to handle. Try it for yourself or for a loved one. It can make one of the small everyday tasks of life a little easier.