I have been using Windows 10 for months. It is everything that Windows 8 should have been, but wasn't. Here are 10 reasons why you should upgrade.

  1. Windows 10 is a free upgrade for anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. This offer is good until July 29, 2016. After that time it will cost $119.
  2. When Windows 10 starts, you are dropped immediately into the Windows 7- type desktop. Although there will be some new things to learn, end users will find that the transition to Windows 10 will be much smoother than the transition to Windows 8.
  3. Windows 10 is faster and more secure than Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  4. Windows 10 is easy to use with a keyboard and mouse and just as easy to use with a touchscreen. If your computer has a touchscreen as well as a keyboard and mouse, you get the best of both worlds.
  5. As a service, Windows 10 will be constantly updated to keep it more secure and more capable.
  6. The new Edge web browser that comes with Windows 10 is faster and more secure than Internet Explorer. It also offers useful new features like the ability to make notes on a web page and send them to a friend and the ability to save a web page to read later.
  7. Several apps like Mail and Photos have been dramatically improved.
  8. Although the Start Menu is back, it is larger and more distracting than it was in Windows 7. Fortunately, it is customizable so you may want to spend some time getting it to suite your taste.
  9. Cortana, a voice assistant like Appleā€™s Siri is built into Windows 10. You can ask her questions and she can even help you find your files.
  10. The new File Explorer is much improved. It now shows a list of useful Quick Access locations and folders you use frequently in addition to Recent Places.