Sandy likes the Amazon Echo, but I have gravitated toward Google Home. Here are the top ten reasons why I love Google Home.

1. The Home Assistant answers my questions better than Alexa. For instance if you ask Google "What will the low temperature be tonight?" Google will answer the question. Alexa will give you a weather report.

2. Google Home has a male voice as well as a female voice.

3. You can store more music for free in the Google Play store.

4. Google Home is more forgiving when it comes to phrasing. Meaning it can understand you better. 

5. You can now string two commands together.

6. You can add Chromecast speakers as well as Bluetooth speakers producing better sound quality.

7. It is easier to listen to podcasts on Google Home.

8. You can place calls with your own phone number.

9. You can ask Google for  news from a particular source. For example, "Hey Google, give me the news from CNN." Alexa can only give you a general news briefing.

10. If you have a Chromecast on your television and you subscribe to Netflix, you can simply say, "Hey Google, play the Crown from Netflix and your TV will play that series right where you left off.