Using your computer should be fun! Here's a free screen saver from a name you know and trust. It can take you on a trip around the world. It's perfect for using your computer to do a little armchair traveling.

nationalgeographic.jpgScreen savers used to be used to keep the images from burning-in to the computer screen. With newer screens, this is no longer happening. Yet screen savers are still around because they are just plain fun. So today I'll give you a set of screen savers that you can use to personalize your computer. You can also use them to see the world right from your own computer room.

These free screen savers are from National Geographic. Their photographers scour the world bringing us pictures that amaze. From exotic to just plain beautiful, you can watch these images scroll by your computer screen every day. New images are added each month.  It's sure to bring a little beauty into your life.

National Geographic Screen Saver