objects/flagwithgirl80.jpgIf you want to reminisce or would like to learn more about the history of America, this website will knock your socks off!

The American Memory Web site is a Library of Congress Web site that is a part of the historical collections of the National Digital Library. Whether you are a history buff, a photograph lover, or simply an average American citizen, you will be amazed by the extensive resources of this site. It contains more than seven million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.

The sheer magnitude of the information means that you will spend some time finding areas that interest you. There is, however, something for everyone. From philosophy and religion to recreation and sports this site covers just about every topic you can think of. Look at baseball cards from the turn of the century, the papers of Alexander Graham Bell or view photographs from the Depression to World War II. These are just three of the many interesting finds. Besides photos, the American Memory site also has documents, maps, audio, and video.

Even if you visit this site with nothing in mind to search for, you will find something fascinating. I was impressed by the Panoramic Photograph Collection. It contains approximately four thousand panoramic images of America from 1851-1991. It includes bridges, canals, expositions, schools, sports, cityscapes and group portraits. For a quick look at how the world has changed in the last 80-some years, click over to the panoramic photograph entitled “Bathing Girl Parade” taken in Balboa Beach, CA in 1920.

For a touch of American history, this Web site is sure to please.