If you are a full-time or even a part-time caregiver, you are facing many challenges, but the biggest one may be in taking care of yourself. Many caring people who are faced with others who need their constant help and assistance forget about themselves. It's easy to do - but you can't afford to let it happen to you or to someone you know!

Steven Covey likened it to sharpening the saw. Take good care of yourself is keeping the saw sharpened making it much easier to cut the wood. Let yourself get run down and you are letting the saw get dull making everyday wood cutting (or care giving) much more difficult.

Remember, you can't do it all alone. Get some help. Check out community services and adult day care so you can get the break you need.

Finding the help you need may be easier and less expensive than you think. I recommend a FREE service called ElderCarelink. This is an established nationwide network of carefully screened eldercare providers and facilities.

Just fill out a brief survey to assess your needs and you will receive a detailed email report listing care providers in your area who can provide the help you need. ElderCarelink is your connection to high-quality care for your loved one.

The ElderCarelink service will help you find the help you need in many different areas including finding assisted living facilities, financial planning, legal assistance, meal preparation, and help finding medical equipment. Click here to use the ElderCarelink service.

Remember that you may not only need some adult day care to provide some time off, but you may need other assistance as well. It is not only about time pressure. It is often about the many other things related to care giving. Sometimes getting the right legal aid or financial planning can help alleviate the stress. Other times, just finding the right bed or bathing tools will make life easier for both you and your loved one.

Think about what you really need, then get the help you need to obtain it whether from other family members or outside helpers. And don't forget to sharpen your own saw. Eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep.