bone xrayNew studies show that checking for osteoporosis at 50 is not necessary. Most healthy women can wait until 65 for osteoporoisis screening. in fact, new drugs and television ads may be doing more harm than good. If you are a post-menoposal woman, you will want to read this.

bone xrayMy gynecologist recently labeled me with the diagnosis of Osteopenia, which is a pre-osteoporosis condition. He recommended Fosomax or Boniva. Yet, my general practicioner recommended that I wait until I am 65 to start taking those drugs. I opted to listen to my everyday doctor.

If you watch the somewhat youthful Sally Fields on television promoting Boniva you immediately think that you need this drug. For awhile the technology in bone density testing and clever marketing was making many women flock to their doctors at 50 and start taking osteoporosis-treating bishosphonates like Boniva shortly there after.

Recent research, however, indicates that my everyday doctor was right. Osteoporosis and osteopenia screening and prevention are best done when we're older. They point to 65 as the right age rather than the previously-recommended 50.

In fact, the latest research is saying that by definition Osteopenia for post-menopausal women is just another word for normal. So if you have been labeled with the diagnosis of Osteopenis, don't dismay. You may really be just normal.

Weight bearing exercise and calcuim and vitamin D supplements may be all you need right now.

Check out the Lost Angeles Times Health article Osteoporosis, osteopenia screening and prevention are best done when we're older for more information.