Windows 9 is coming soon and I believe it will be the last version of Windows before Microsoft moves to a subscription model, where you will pay for the Windows operating system on a monthly or yearly basis.

If you love Windows 8, you should get a computer soon. If you hate Windows 8, don't worry Windows 9 is coming soon. Microsoft is rumored to be readying Windows 9 for pre-release this month (September 2014). The consumer versions usually goes on sale a few months after that, but with the late fall push54 cheaper Windows 8.1 computers, I believe that Windows 9 computers may not be available until spring.

I am calling it Windows 9, but it may actually have a different name. Remember Vista and ME? The code name for this version of Windows is Threshold, but the final version could be called Windows 9 or whatever Microsoft thinks will sell the best.
Also, it is rumored that at some time in the future Microsoft will move to a subscription service for the Windows operating system. For instance, they might charge a $25-a-year (or more) subscription fee for updates and new features making Windows a constantly current version with no need for the yearly or semi-yearly release of new versions. Because of the code name Threshold, I believe that Windows 9 will represent their transitional operating system and that Windows 10 is likely to be a subscription model.

There is no doubt that the cheap Windows 8.1 with Bing PCs will be very appealing to the casual Windows user. Windows 9 computers may also be attractive, especially if Microsoft implements some welcome changes like the addition of Cortana, Microsoft's artificial intelligence agent, which is similar to Siri.

In any case, there will be a lot of changes in the near future.