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Manufacturers are including many things in their flat panel LCD monitors including built-in speakers. One of the most useful of these are built-in USB ports.

Check out your monitor. It may have these ports built into the bottom, side or back of the monitor. If you have them, they give you an easy way to plug in cameras, USB hard drives, and USB memory sticks without having to struggle to reach the back of your computer. A USB port will look like this:








Many of today's monitors also come with two ports for hooking them up to the computer. One is analog (VGA) and looks like this:







The other is digital (DVI) and looks like this:






If you have both, but are using the analog connection, you will get a better picture by hooking up digitally. However, you must also have a digital connector on your PC. It will look the same as the connector on the monitor. If you have a digital connector on both the PC and the monitor, it is well worth it to purchase a digital cable to get a better picture.