Easy Cleanup for your Computer


There are lots of programs that offer to clean up your computer. Some are good, but others do more harm than good. So follow this tip which gives you the best and easiest way to clean up your computer.

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Be Careful When You Download & Install Programs

downloadarrow.jpgPart of using a computer is downloading and installing programs. There are many free programs that can be fun to use. There are also programs that you should download like Adobe Reader and Java. There is, however, one important thing you should know before you download and/or install any programs. Here it is.

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Create Your Own Blog


Have you ever thought about creating your own blog? It can be fun and with this free tool you don't have to know anything about coding or working with web pages. You simply sign up and start writing your blog.

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Paint - A Useful Program in Windows 7

If you are lucky enough to be using Windows 7, you also have a great program that you can use to easily crop, resize, and annotate photos. Most people don't use this program, but they should. It is greatly improved from previous versions. It's free and if you have Windows 7, you already have the program.

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Email a Webpage to a Friend

wowpurple.jpgThe Internet is all about sharing. When you find a webpage that you would like to send to a friend, you can copy the link to the webpage and paste it into an email, but there is an even easier way. Here it is.

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10 Common Computer Mistakes


mistakesivemade.jpgIn my consulting business, I am both a teacher and a problem solver. Some of the problems I solve are inescapable, but some can be avoided. So toady I'd like to teach you how to avoid a few of the commonmistakes that can lead to real trouble in the computer world.

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