A wonderful change for Roku users. Roku is expanding their Automatic Volume Leveling to Roku TVs and many other Roku devices. This eliminates the blasting of commercials that has been a plague for TV watchers everywhere.

To enable this feature when streaming a movie or TV show, or watching content fon your Roku, you can enable Automatic Volume Leveling or Night Mode from the options menu as described below.
1. Start playback.
2. Press the Star button on your Roku remote.
3. Select Advanced sound settings.
4. Use the directional pad to switch Volume mode to the desired setting. The directional pad is plus-shaped and is in the center of your Roku remote.

Leveling: enables consistent volume across different types of entertainment so you do not have to change the volume every time you switch channels or a commercial comes on.

Night Mode: The volume of soft sounds like whispering is increased while the volume of loud sounds like explosions is decreased, making it easier to hear your TV at night without disturbing others.

If you don't see this feature, it should be coming to most Roku products in the summer of 2019.

I love this feature!! Thanks you Roku.